Returns Policy


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Product Warranty


The manufacturer’s warranty is for a period of Thirty days (30 Days) from the date of purchase for all products.

This Warranty covers all products manufactured entirely by this company (CRS) and used within the “Conditions of Warranty” 

This Warranty specifically excludes all products or components manufactured by other parties, in these cases the original manufacturer warranty will be applied. 

There is NO Warranty on Second Hand Components or Equipment. 

This Warranty is void if the items are used in any competition, illegal activity or in breach of the “Conditions of Warranty”


Conditions of Warranty


  1. All claims must be made within the original warranty period by the original purchaser. 


  1. All claims must include a copy of original invoice or details of original purchase.


3.    Any CRS product found to have faulty workmanship or materials       

will be replaced or repaired free of charge.


  1. The warranty does not cover the cost of freight, installation or removal of any components. 


  1. The warranty does not include any fasteners or any resultant damage caused through the failure of any fastener.


  1. This warranty does not apply to any component that may have been subject to neglect, misuse, abuse, accidental or intentional impact, any modifications, unauthorized repairs, incorrect installation or application.


  1. This warranty applies to normal road use on a registered motor vehicle.


  1. Second Hand components are not covered by any Warranty. 


  1. Any product that is MODIFIED in any way from the manufactures specifications will not be covered by any Warranty.


  1. CRS will warranty “ONE OFFS” for workmanship only.


  1. Returns after a 14 day period will be done so with a 40% restocking fee,
     No returns will be accepted, where we feel that our intellectual property has been compromised 


  1. Returns Must be in as NEW condition to get full price on return, if scratched or damage has occurred a fee will be taken out of refund to cover damage.